Let's create a project together!
At the moment I work within the following mediums:

- MUSIC VIDEOS (filmed or 2D animated)
- COVERART (digital single-, EP-, album- & mixtape covers or CD/Vinyl covers for print)
- VISUALS (video designed for projection at events or concerts)
- CANVASES (9:16 short videos for spotify)
- BAND PHOTOS (for press, promo, SoMe etc)
- INFOS (graphics or video for release announcements, tour plans, events etc)
- LOGOS (for digital use & for printing on merch fx)
- POSTERS (digital or for print)
- ZINES (to make any project physical) 

Each project I do is unique - contact me to get an estimated price.
The price is dependent on the projects complexity, work method, volume and timeframe.
I'm looking forward to do visuals with you!


Pletter På Solen
Katlah & Miss Puppy
Jack Trouble
KÔS artist collective
Emil Bror
Ørdop Wolkenscheidt
Søren Valur
HUSET i Magstræde
Niels Christian Lotti
Little Winter
Sofie Eske Hansen & Aia Ohm Oxmond
Peter Vilbert
ERODE collective
Ralph Taylor
Alexia Chambi
Sært Skarn / Mathias Winther
Thomas Høffding
Wili Julius Findsen
Juan Guilherme

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